Deloitte Class Action Indicative of Legal Future

Earlier this year, Justice Perell approved a replacement class representative in Sondhi v. Deloitte Management Services LP on a motion for what has already been an exhausting certification process in a class proceeding. The matter involves a class, who although technically are lawyers, have not been considered as such by their employer or the parties procuring their services. These members typically consist of younger lawyers and new graduates who have been unable to otherwise find employment as lawyers in a traditional context.   I do know many of these young lawyers. I know that they are bright and talented, and would likely make excellent lawyers in a traditional context. But they are just one of the many casualties of the changing legal market, where downward pressures for cost, and increase ability to make demands on otherwise unemployed or underemployed labour supplies. There’s nothing particularly nefarious about what the defendant was doing here,…

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