Defining An Effective Brand

Brand management is never simply a logo but rather a combination of six elements that combine to form the building blocks for a company’s communications, whether verbal, written or graphical. It is important to consider the following six points to provide a very focused, very simple and very effective message to customers.

1. Brand Insight

Brand Insight represents the existing brand associations of a company in the mind of customers. Understanding Brand Insight is a successful method of brand management as it provides the raw materials for adjusting and improving brand positioning and increasing loyalty.

2. Reasons to Believe

Customers of a brand must believe its promises, which is where Reasons to Believe come in. It is not necessary that there be an unique Reason to Believe for each of the benefits promised by a brand and its products, but each promise should be supported by the overall impact of these Reasons to Believe.

3. Brand Attributes

Brand Attributes are the individual functional and emotional associations of the brand in the minds of customers. In brand management the Brand Attributes combine to provide customers’ overall opinion of the brand. Though Brand Attributes will vary dependent on the unique demographic of customers, it is vital to carefully control Brand Attributes in order to engender their loyalty.

4. Brand Values

Brand Values contribute to the customer opinion of the brand. They combine to present a value proposition to customers, which hopes to make a business the preferred choice over its competitors. Brand Values can be both emotional and practical, and should reflect a continuous and coherent proposition derived from the brand’s promises to customers, delivered through its Brand Personality.

5. Brand Personality

Brand Personality is the human-like characteristics which define a brand. A consistent Brand Personality should be reflected by brand management in all areas of a brand, anything from the ‘voice’ of web content to the design of marketing collateral, and certainly the direct contact made with customers. A strong and successful Brand Personality is one of the main goals of brand management.

6. Brand Vision

Brand Vision is at the core of brand management: it reflects the most fundamental attributes of that brand and is reflected in every aspect of communication and marketing in any channel. A business cannot progress without a future vision; ambition, understanding and knowledge of where the business is heading. Brand Vision should be timeless and certain, representing the beating heart of the business.

Effective brand management is important in communicating a clear and attractive brand to customers. By understanding existing customers it is possible to create a strong Brand Personality which will attract other customers in the future. Keeping in mind Brand Insight, Reasons to Believe, Brand Attributes, Brand Values, Brand Personality and Brand Vision will allow for successful brand management, which in turn often creates a successful business.

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