Default Judgment in Credit Card Debt Suit Reversed: Gattenby v. TIB (Tex.App. 2019)

Dallas Court of Appeals reverses default judgment for bank where attorney for credit card defendant filed Craddock motion to have default judgment set aside because bank's collection claim was based on credit card statements issued by a different bank, with no proof of assignment. Gattenby v. TIB-The Independent Bankersbank, No. 05-18-00168-CV (Tex.App. – Dallas Feb. 6, 2019, no. pet) (default judgment for plaintiff reversed and case remanded in appeal from trial court's order denying post-judgment motion).WARREN GATTENBY, Appellant,v.TIB-THE INDEPENDENT BANKERSBANK, Appellee.Mandate in Gattenby v. TIB-The Independent Bankersbank issued April 19, 2019)No. 05-18-00168-CV [Link to COA Docket]Court of Appeals of Texas, Fifth District, Dallas.Opinion Filed February 6, 2019Christopher Deloney, Mark C. Snyder, for TIB-The Independent Bankersbank, Appellee.Robert M. Clark, for Warren Gattenby, Appellant.On Appeal from the 193rd Judicial District Court, Dallas…

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