Deciding to Apply for a Criminal Justice Degree

The thing about a criminal justice degree is that it comes in various forms. The most basic is the certificate degree. In this form of criminal justice degree, all you have to do is complete a training course and you will get a certificate.

Several educational facilities provide criminal justice certificate courses where students tackle the basics of criminal justice. These are the kinds of courses that can help you find specific field jobs or if you want, you can also use the certificate to apply for a higher degree. Certificates can also be used when transitioning to a new job area or for improving skills in a work environment.

Some police officers only needed a high school diploma to get into the line of work that they are currently in but for new bloods, an associate’s degree in criminal justice is being required by law enforcement organizations. Complexities in the criminal justice system are responsible for this requirement. Employers find it a waste of time to even consider someone who does not have the basic knowhow in the field.

Accomplishing an associate’s degree can last for two years. Such courses focus on the promulgation of criminal justice skills while educating the students when it comes to criminology, sociology, and psychology. The criminal justice system has technical aspects that have to be addressed and some associate’s degree programs focus on these.

Someone who has a bachelor’s degree has a certain sense of commitment that employers like to see in their applicants and when it comes to this course, it can easily land you a position in any criminal justice field. It is also possible for those with degrees to end up serving law enforcement positions like that of investigators and detectives which are really popular in this field today. From mysteries to suspicious injury claims, there are a lot of things that private investigators look into for their employing companies.

Bachelor’s degree holders can work in a variety of criminal justice jobs such as FBI agents, probation or parole officer and even in administration positions in the judicial sector. Although this type of program includes subjects that are also part of the associate’s degree, they are not discussed in depth unlike what is done with bachelor’s degree programs. Because of this, you really need a degree to get into the more complicated field jobs.

Completing a bachelor’s degree can last you four years. There are several criminal justice programs that are offered by educational facilities like the John Jay College for Criminal Justice and some of these are deviant behavior, criminology, criminal justice, forensic psychology, and forensic science. It is possible to take an entry level job in the field if you have a bachelor’s degree but you can also take further studies to advance in your profession.

In the judicial sector, there are jobs in administration and corrections that await skilled graduates that are holders of masters in criminal justice degrees. Moreover, master’s degree holders are qualified to enter the academia or be court officers and social caseworkers. There are some criminal justice graduates who end up in social work while some use these to advance in their chosen professions.

For those with doctorates in criminal justice, they end up as university professors teaching the same course. A masters in criminal justice is way simpler when compared to a doctoral degree in criminal justice. You have to submit a dissertation when it comes to this and apart from passing several exams and completing difficult course work, your writing and speaking skills will be graded as well.

If you want a job in criminal justice, something that will help you out is a criminal justice degree. You may join the sheriff, local police force or gang task force at the local level while at state level you can work for a crime lab, a prison, a state police department or in the courts. There are a number of insurance agencies or security companies that hire degree workers who want to work for the private sector.

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