Debt Collector Threats: Which Ones Are Real?

“What debt collector threats should people be afraid of?” was the question my friend bankruptcy attorney Cathy Moran asked. To which I replied, “Afraid of? Pretty much none of them!” Because they’re mostly all empty threats. You’re not going to jail,  Can you be jailed for not paying your debts? They are not going to come get you, Your credit is not about to be ruined, and Who cares if your “account is being referred to the attorneys for review?” Trust me, I’m actually a former debt collection attorney!  None of those threats, even if they happened, changes anything in your tussle with a debt collector. The three threats with teeth There are only three things you really need to heed. ONE: There’s a court judgment against you or your spouse and they just proved to you that they found out where you work and are threatening to garnish your wages. TWO:  There’s a lien against your property by an…

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