Dear Santa

Years ago, I remember my mom demanding that we kids write letters to Santa.  We'd rummage through the Sears catalogs searching for toys that we'd never get.  I mean, we'd write down whole pages and never see any of it.  Got great stuff every Christmas, great memories of Christmas morning, but nothing I ever asked for.I don't know what it was with Santa but I can't remember a single thing I asked for that I ever got – until I got a credit card.  Things changed after that.  Oh, yeah – Nerf, here I come.  After a while, though, I learned that while having a credit card was all fun and games, you had to pay off the balance – eventually.  What with December being the month of debt, I can already see the line of people coming into my law library with legal problems.Take, for instance, the couple that came in just the other day.  Now that was a couple that understood the power of a credit card!  They had 23 credit…

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