Dealing with High Net-Worth Divorces

When push comes to shove, and both of you are not having it, divorce might be the answer. There’s no more sugarcoating to the fact that life is constantly changing and the same goes with your partner. Yes, you may have initially thought that you see things eye to eye and respect differences if not but some people are not just tolerant or resilient when it comes to fixing things or accepting it.  Some people need space apart to thrive, and that may mean full separation especially if the relationship is riddled with lies, abusive behavior, and intolerable behavior. But what if the divorce is not just a typical case of two individuals separating? What if both of them contributed and earned a hefty amount of properties, cash, and resources over the course of their marriage? What happens next?  This article aims to discuss how one could deal with divorces under the context of the Texas Law. In Texas, there is what they identify as “community property…

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