Daylight Savings Time and Car Accidents

It is the first Monday after daylight savings time.  If you are like most people, you may have needed some more coffee to get through this morning and this afternoon.  In a few days, our bodies make the adjustment to the loss of the hour but until then we are all at an increased risk of car crashes.  Indeed, researchers looked at 21 years of car crash data and found the number of fatal car accidents on an average Monday is 78.2.  On the Monday following “spring forward”, the average jumps to 83.5.     So what can you do? Let’s start with the obvious:  go to be early tonight and for the next few days until you can feel your body adjust and you no longer feel like you need an IV supply of coffee to get through the day.   Some of you may already be saying there is no way you can fall asleep early but there are tricks that can help.   Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol.  Wind down with a hot…

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