Davis on AI & Moral Wisdom

Joshua P. Davis (University of San Francisco – School of Law) has posted  Artificial Wisdom? A Potential Limit on AI in Law (and Elsewhere) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: Artificial intelligence (“AI”) may soon perform all tasks that belong to the factual realm more effectively than can human beings. AI may become superior—likely far superior—at describing, predicting, and persuading. Its competitive advantage in these pursuits may well extend to legal and judicial practice. Does that mean human participation in the law will be rendered obsolete? Not necessarily. This Essay suggests three propositions may hold true that would justify an ongoing—perhaps permanent—role for human beings: (1) that moral judgment is necessary for legal and judicial practice; (2) that the first person perspective (or subjectivity) is necessary for moral judgment; and (3) that AI is incapable of attaining the first person perspective. After briefly…

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