Dallas Computer Crimes Lawyer Explains Consequences of Catfishing

In an internet age, it’s startlingly easy for someone to use another person’s picture, name, or other identifying information to commit an internet crime. The term “catfishing,” which is sometimes spelled “catphishing” typically involves using someone else’s photo, name, or personal information for the purpose of luring another individual into a romantic or personal relationship. As a phrase, catfishing was first coined in 2010, when a documentary about the practice was released. The documentary was quickly followed by a popular television show, which helped make people aware of catfishing scams. In the years that have followed, numerous people have been tricked into communicating with people online, and some have even sent money to people who use a fake photo or fake identity to misrepresent themselves over the internet. Internet scammers have also used catfishing schemes to trick people into sending money through the…

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