Dad Dies Saving Daughter After Recalled Car Rolls into Pond

An Indianapolis father died last month saving his daughter after a parked car the girl was in rolled backwards and into a pond. The vehicle had been recalled for a defect related to faulty gearshifts. Gear Shift Recall Provides Insight into How the Accident Occurred According to the Indianapolis Star, 24-year-old Anthony Burgess dived into frigid waters on March 25 in an attempt to free his 3-year-old daughter from a vehicle that had rolled into an Indianapolis pond. While Burgess was able to save his daughter, he did not survive. Investigators believe the girl somehow accidentally knocked the gear shift out of park, and a recall notice for the vehicle may provide insight into how the toddler was able to do that. Typically, when a vehicle is place in park, the gear shift is supposed to stay in that position until the driver presses the brake and shifts gears. However, a 2014 recall notice for the vehicle involved in the tragic accident, a 2008 Pontiac G6, revealed that a…

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