Cycling and Motorcycle Deaths Spike in the Summer – Tips for Sharing the Road

Every year, cyclist and motorcyclist deaths spike over the summer. When the weather improves, more people are out on the roads on two wheels. Sadly, other drivers often fail to notice them or give them space. May was designated National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month as well as Bike Month. Events during May highlighted the safety of those on two wheels. Other drivers need to be aware of motorcyclists and bicyclists all year round. Many bikers converge on Georgia over the summer months. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to death and injuries on the highways of our state. Tips for drivers to share the road with motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists are provided by the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA). Cyclist and motorcyclist deaths spike in Georgia The agency points out in 2015 motor-vehicle-related crashes killed 5,376 pedestrians, a rise of 9 percent over the previous year and injured another 70,000 people. Deaths among cyclists rose by 10…

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