Cybersquatters – How to protect your brand from unwanted ‘guests’ online

The internet is now the normal conduit for everyday personal, commercial and social transactions. It is more important than ever to ensure that your consumers know where to find your business online, and that no third parties are seeking to trade off your reputation in the online space. Domain names are the primary form of online address. This creates potentially enormous value in domain names and makes them a tradable commodity. Domain names are particularly valuable if they wholly incorporate the trade mark (,, of a business or if the domain name has the dual function of describing the activities of the business as well as comprising its trade mark (,, It has been long known that with this value comes risk for businesses. The pirates and kidnappers of old have been replaced by their equivalent in the digital age: cybersquatters. Yet not all cybersquatters are the same; The opportunistic…

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