Current Case Against Former Somali Commander and Current Virginia Resident Showcases the Reach of the Torture Victim Protection Act

On May 13, 2019, Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali, former commander of the Somali National Army, will stand trial for his alleged involvement in the torture and attempted extrajudicial killing of Farhan Warfaa. Col. Ali, referred to as Tukeh, served under Somalia’s Said Barre regime, which ruled through a military dictatorship from 1969-1991. However, after the regime was overthrown, Col. Tukeh moved to Canada, and then the U.S., where he retained permanent residency status since 1996. Mr. Warfaa alleges that Col. Tukeh captured him just before civil war broke out. Col. Tukeh rounded up Mr. Warfaa, alongside the other men and boys in the village, and transferred them to the Military Headquarters of the 5th Brigade of the Somali National Army, where Col. Tukeh served as the commanding officer. Mr. Warfaa claims that Col. Tukeh tortured and interrogated him, eventually shooting him five times at point-blank range, assuming him dead. Somehow, though, he survived, and Col.…

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