Cryptosporidium Apple Juice

What is it with cryptosporidium and apple juice? The parasite seems to be the biggest fan of the fruit since Eve was wandering through the Garden of Eden. Again and again, headlines come up about people getting sick from crypto via apples and apple juice. The most recent victims were a handful of Norwegian workers who enjoyed some artisanal apple cider at work; several of them fell ill with cryptosporidiosis, as a recent article in the journal of Epidemiology and Infection detailed. Not Just in Pools Cryptosporidiosis has a long association with apples and apple juice. The first large outbreak of the parasite associated with foodborne transmission took place in Maine in the year 1993. Students and staff were on a day-long visit to a school agricultural fair. Of the more than 600 people who attended the fair, at least 160 got sick. Subsequent testing revealed the parasite in apple cider served at the fair, on the press that was used to make the apple cider, and in the manureā€¦

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