Cruise Lines Have Zero Tolerance Policy on Marijuana, Illegal Drugs and Banned Substances

Recent cruise ship news headlines have featured drug busts. Remember the two British senior citizens who were smuggling roughly 20 pounds of cocaine on a Marco Polo cruise ship around the Caribbean? Or the 14 passengers who were waiting to board a cruise ship in Port Canaveral, Florida when they were arrested for alleged possession of illicit drugs? As you can imagine, illegal contraband of any kind is prohibited on cruise ships – even marijuana. For example, in the cruise ship passenger ticket that must be signed by passengers embarking on a Carnival Cruise vacation, the contract states: In accordance with Carnival’s Smoking Policy any marijuana possession or use is strictly prohibited on all Carnival ships at all times, regardless of local, state, or other laws which might permit use or possession of marijuana. Carnival abides by U.S. Federal Law which prohibits the possession or use of marijuana on its ships for any reason. Any Guest who brings marijuana or any…

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