How Can I Use Criminal Background Checks To My Advantage?

The process of acquiring a new employee can shore up a lot of doubts. A possibility exists that the charming new middle-management executive that the company has acquired may be a future liability. Although this is a remote possibility, the risk is too great to bypass simple criminal background checks.

This is common practice for certain employers. A background check with red flags immediately compromises a candidate’s application. Accepting a client with a certain type of criminal history constitutes bad decision making, avoid making it the biggest regret of your life.

What could possibly come from this particular process? This is not merely to satisfy curiosity or to ensure that the applicant is not a criminal. This process provides a clear picture about an applicant’s mental and physical capabilities, moral standing and even his over-all temperament.

Not every job type needs a background check. Jobs that handle lives, executive positions that make them privy to company secrets, school positions and even government positions are a few that require inquiry into the person’s past. Avoid litigation or disruptive behavior in the work place and shield your company or institution from harm.

Make it a standard step in processing applicants to ensure that it is done thoroughly and consistently. Look up a candidate’s commercial records, financial records and criminal records as part of your screening process. Make the candidates aware of the fact that their personal records partly determine whether or not they are qualified for the job.

Knowing that past legal transgressions could be exposed may have some candidates worried. It may be for a simple case of lying about something on one’s resume or hiding a past criminal offense. The more reason you should do an investigation.

You can hire private agencies to do a thorough check. Although background checks are not free it is a good investment for your peace of mind. An agency which should be first on your list is “Instant Checkmate”, it is conveniently available online for easier access.

Sometimes, applicants themselves offer to show their records. Candidates can get their backgrounds checked via the FBI to show that they have no major legal issues. The FBI keeps a rap sheet, which is actually a criminal history record based on the bureau’s database of fingerprints and arrests.

The FBI gives personal records to prove that someone has no history of criminal action when requested to do so. It is a good sign when a candidate hands over their records even if no one requires it. These applicants are confident in their records.

Criminal background checks can be used for a number of reasons. This could serve as the cause for an employee to be demoted or fired, but also for an applicant to be hired for a position. When an unclean background check comes up for one that is already employed, it should be explained how his criminal history disqualifies him from his current job.

If you have questions regarding criminal background checks, do not hesitate to learn from us here and you’ll be helped.

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