CP18/6: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 20

The FCA has published its latest Quarterly Consultation Paper which sets out proposed miscellaneous amendments to the Handbook (Consultation Paper 18/6: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 20). In the Consultation Paper: chapter 2 sets out proposed: (i) change to IFPRU 3.2 to ensure consistency of application and align with existing rules in IFPRU 11.6; (ii) change to IFPRU 11.5 to promote clarity for firms and groups within the scope of IFPRU 11 and ensure continued compliance with the Recovery and Resolution Directive; and (iii) transitional provision for the large exposures treatment of certain public sector exposures denominated in the domestic currency of any Member State under Regulation (EU) 2017/2395; chapter 3 sets out proposed changes to regulatory reporting requirements; chapter 4 sets out proposed changes to the FCA’s address in the Handbook in line with its upcoming move to Stratford; and chapter 4 sets out proposed: (i) changes to the Supervision manual to…

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