court, while uncomfy with some Amazon techniques, declines to grant PI

Comphy Co. v., Inc., NO. C18-1460RSM (W.D. Wash. Mar. 12, 2019) The Comphy Company markets itself as a luxury company, historically supplying its linens to luxury spas. Ultimately, Plaintiff decided to start retailing its products online through its own website, though it doesn’t market directly to customers and instead relies upon word of mouth and first-hand exposure at hotels, spas, and bed and breakfasts utilizing its products. Amazon solicited Comphy several times to sell its products on Amazon’s platforms, but Comphy declined based on its luxury strategy. Nonetheless, Amazon bought keyword advertising utilizing keywords including COMPHY from several search engines, resulting in ads for, e.g., “Comfy Sheets Queen”; “Shop Comfy Sheets” “Comphy Co Sheets”; and “Comphy Company Sheets at Amazon.” Likewise, if consumers use Amazon’s own-site search and start typing “comph,” Amazon’s…

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