Court Says California’s Anti-Spam Statute Doesn’t Regulate Affiliate Networks–Bank v. Hydra

This judgment followed a bench trial in a case over three unwanted email messages. The case was originally filed in 2010! The plaintiff is a lawyer suing pro se. The defendant is Hydra Group, which operated an affiliate network. The three emails received in January 2010 purported to remind plaintiff about an upcoming renewal for auto insurance. The content of the messages were an advertisement for “quotewizard,” which promised to provide savings for auto insurance. The emails contained unsubscribe instructions with Entourage Media’s address. There were three entities in the cast of characters: (1) QuoteWizard, the company which advertised in the email, (2) Entourage Media, the entity that sent the emails, and (3) Hydra, the affiliate network. Plaintiff testified that he opened the messages and clicked on the links and was initially directed to LynxTrack or HydraNetwork, two pages that Hydra maintained in order to track links from the emails. Plaintiff’s…

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