Court kicks kickback case’s crux (Sabri v. United States)

This is the latest in a series of case brief videos. Have you signed up for your Quimbee membership? The American Bar Association offers three months of Quimbee study aids (a $72 value) for law student members. And if you go Premium, you’ll receive Quimbee Legal Ethics Outline (a $29 value) as part of our Premium Legal Ethics Bundle. Ready to go all in? Go Platinum [link to] and get 3 years of unlimited access to Quimbee and 3 years of ABA Premium membership (nearly a $1,000 value) for just $499. In an effort to fight bribery at the local level, Congress passed an anti-corruption statute. The statute made it a federal crime to bribe a local official affiliated with any governmental entity that received federal funds. But Congress’s power to pass such a law came under scrutiny in Sabri v. United States, 541 U.S. 600 (2004). Real estate developer Basim Sabri offered thousands of dollars…

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