Court Finds Severance of Divorce Would Not Result in Disadvantage for Ex-Husband Who Will Lose Health Benefits  

An Ontario court recently ruled on a motion filed by a wife who wanted to sever her claim for divorce from her claims for collateral remedies. The husband in question opposed the motion, arguing that he would no longer receive medical benefits from the wife’s insurer once they were divorced and wanting all outstanding issues between the parties to be addressed at the same time. What Happened? The parties began living together in 1998. They were married three years later and had one child (a son born in 2010). The parties ultimately separated in 2015. They live separate and apart but share parenting of their son on a 50/50 basis. In June 2016, the wife filed for divorce, custody of the son, equalization of net family property, sale of family property, and costs. The parties signed a Separation Agreement settling all outstanding financial issues between them in July 2017. The Agreement released both parties from their spousal support obligations, but provided that:…

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