Council’s proposal for article 13: what about press freedom?

Jan van VegchelAs the endgame for the negotiations on the long-awaited new European Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market is finally on, the debate focuses very much on article 13 of the proposed directive. A lot has been published already about the consequences of this proposal for the future of ‘the-internet-as-we-know-it’, but what are its effects on the use of social platforms by the professional media? Let us look at the situation in the Netherlands. Social platforms are the newest vehicle of communication for Dutch media companies. Their importance is significant. In 2017, the public news broadcaster NOS had 724,000 ‘friends’ on its Facebook news account, 998,000 followers on its Twitter account and 211,000 Instagram members. Nearly 43,000 viewers subscribe to its YouTube channel. Sharing, a distinctive feature of social media, multiplies that reach. Print has also discovered social networks. The second biggest newspaper, Algemeen…

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