CoParenting After Separation and Beyond

You and your spouse have decided to separate and set the date for the move. Now what? You’ve seen couples start this process with the best of intentions, only to find themselves derailed and fighting even more fiercely than before the separation. You both resolve not to do that to your kids, but how?  Separation Changes Your CoParenting Relationship  CoParenting simply means adults who share the parenting responsibilities in raising a child. Parents find working as a team while married difficult. Checking in with each other, knowing each other’s schedules and sharing responsibilities – developing these skills takes time and effort. However those who parent across 2 homes, particularly throughout a difficult process like divorce, find CoParenting changes a lot. The Good  Freedom! The first change you may notice in CoParenting separately will be that you don’t have to check in with the other parent about dessert, bedtime, screen…

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