Controversy looming for this year's pre-EQE

The pre-examination European Qualifying Examination ("pre-EQE") was introduced in 2012 as an entrance exam to the main EQE for European Patent Attorneys. Only after passing the pre-EQE is a European patent attorney trainee allowed to enroll for the Main Exam. Controversy over the pre-EQE is not new. In previous years, candidates have successfully appealed to the disciplinary board of appeal (DBA) against their result on the grounds that the answers to some of the questions were ambiguous (D3/14). This Kat has been alerted to the fact that, this year, the questions for the pre-EQE were particularly ambiguous, setting the stage for the greatest pre-EQE controversy so far. 2018 pre-EQEThe pre-EQEThe pre-EQE is a multiple choice exam, with 20 questions, each question having 4 statements for which candidates must indicate true or false. A complicated marking scheme dictates that for each question: 4/4 = 5 marks, 3/4 = 3 marks,…

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