Continued Consultations on Possible Complex Canada Labour Code Changes

Important changes to the Canada Labour Code were recently made (i.e., Bill C-63 and C-86, among others), but the government’s work to modernize the Canada Labour Code isn’t done yet. On February 20, 2019, the federal government convened an independent expert panel to provide advice on five complex workplace issues facing Canadian employers and employees due to the changing nature of work. This changing nature of work is driven by several factors including among others, the global economy, technological progress and changes, new ways of production (i.e., automation or moving jobs in countries were labour is cheaper), non-standard work or work that differs from standard employment (i.e., rise in part-time, short-term and temporary work, as well as the increase use of foreign workers and the self-employed). For example, technology has facilitated the creation of jobs through working online or joining the so-called gig economy (a gig economy is a free market system in…

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