‘Context,’ Launching Today from LexisNexis, Applies Unique Analytics to Judges and Expert Witnesses

A legal analytics product being launched today by LexisNexis does something no other analytics product does: It analyzes the language of specific judges’ opinions to identify the cases and arguments each judge finds persuasive. The new product, Context, also provides analytics on expert witnesses, and may be the most  comprehensive product available for this purpose. In a way, Context is déjà vu all over again. The original version of these judge analytics was launched by Ravel Law in 2015. After LexisNexis acquired Ravel in June 2017, development pivoted to incorporating Ravel’s tools into the Lexis Advance legal research platform. The first stage of that incorporation came last June, when Lexis Advance integrated Ravel’s case law visualization tools as a product called Ravel View. Today’s launch of Context is the second major step in that integration. That said, Context is a more powerful analytics tool than the original…

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