Consumers Should Not Be Penalized From Buying Less Power From Their Utility

An important bill just cleared its first major hurdle to becoming law in the State of California.  The Solar Bill of Rights (SB 288), a bipartisan bill co-authored by State Senators Weiner (D) and Nielsen (R), was the brainchild of a fairly new non-profit in California called the Solar Rights Alliance.  The Solar Rights Alliance (“SRA”) was modeled after the National Rifle Association (“NRA”) with the goal of putting the power to go solar in the hands of the consumers. Yesterday, after a two and a half hour hearing the California Senate Energy Committee approved the Solar Bill of Rights by a vote of 11 to 0, so the bill now begins its way through at least a five step long process before it can become law.  Each step of the bill’s way through potential passage is expected to be met by fierce utility opposition, which has already begun with daily lobbying by utility lobbyists through California’s State Capitol. So, what is the…

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