Considering an international legal career? Here are four tips that’ll help you succeed

While lawyers come in many forms with JDs, LLBs, LLMs, dual masters, and beyond, all of them share a skillset that has cross-border applicability. As a result, it is not at all surprising to see them head many of the Fortune 500 in addition to rightfully dominating the legal industry and many others where analytical prowess and expertise in compliance correlates with high performance. The international demands or the modern legal profession have become widely acknowledged in academia as well. In recent years, schools such as NYU have invested significant amounts resources in global legal studies programs that prepare their grads to tackle global challenges. However, 3Ls openly pursuing international legal careers still seem to be a rare breed when compared to those eyeing big law or public service at home. This state of affairs is certainly not caused by a scarcity of skills, ambitions, or opportunities – all of which abound in US law schools. Rather, it is a result…

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