Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2019-05-04

Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2019-04-27 2019-04-28 Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2019-04-27 2019-04-28 Most of Canada's top websites won't post federal election ads this year 2019-05-01 Website terms enforced in StanRyanair dac v SC srl [2019] IEHC 239 (14 January 2019) 2019-05-01 Pleading copyright infringement claims Henni v Food Network Canada Inc., 2019 BCSC 660 2019-05-02 Telecom Act makes Quebec consumer protection laws inapplicable Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales c. T… 2019-05-02 Cell phone similar to radio says Quebec’s court 2019-05-02 'Obituary piracy' website ordered to pay $20M to grieving families 2019-05-02 EU Court Says Airbnb Should Not Be Subject to Stricter Rules…

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