Computer and Internet Weekly Updates for 2018-09-01

Milan court issues dynamic blocking injunction against Italian ISPs 2018-08-26 There Can Be Only One San Diego Comic-Con, Judge Rules 2018-08-26 Dish & Sling TV Settles Their Lawsuit Against the Kodi Community TVAddons – Cord Cutters News 2018-08-26 Computer and Internet Updates for 2018-08-26 2018-08-27 Computer and Internet Updates for 2018-08-26 2018-08-27 Are homegrown tech firms shut out of big federal IT contracts? 2018-08-27 Guest Post: Patent Office Shows New Respect for Software 2018-08-27 When Is It a License? 2018-08-27 Site Cannot Compel Arbitration Based upon Later-Amended Terms without Showing Adequate User Notification of Change 2018-08-27 KSI Vs. Logan Paul: More Than 1 Million People Watched Pirated Streams on Twitch…

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