Computer and Internet Updates for 2018-07-13

Computer and Internet Updates for 2018-07-12 2018-07-13 Computer and Internet Updates for 2018-07-12 2018-07-13 Supreme Court to rule on whether B.C. has to give health data to cigarette maker 2018-07-13 Seismic data in which copyright subsisted not expropriated Geophysical Service Inc. v. Canada – Federal Court 2018-07-13 Sega sues 'Abyss Horizon' game for copyright infringement against KanColle Arcade 2018-07-13 Tech Corporations on the Verge of a Major Coup in NAFTA Negotiations – what a mistake adding s230 to NAFTA 2018-07-13 Porn director sues people in Florida over pirated videos | Miami Herald 2018-07-13 Cloud Act Implementation Issues – Lawfare 2018-07-13 Baidu Pays out USD31,000 for Photo Copyright Infringement 2018-07-13

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