Computer and Internet Updates for 2018-07-03

USPS Ordered to Pay $3.5 Million After Putting Artist's Weird 'Sexier' Lady Liberty on Stamps 2018-07-03 Dr. Seuss Enterprises granted motion to strike several defense claims in book infringement case 2018-07-03 Lucasfilm Lands A Win In Sabacc Lawsuit 2018-07-03 How the EU can make the internet play fair with musicians 2018-07-03 Protecting IP from external theft | Canadian Lawyer Mag 2018-07-03 Irish Blocklist Now Blocks Over 250 Domains 2018-07-03 Dutch Pirate Bay Blocking Case Gets a Do-Over 2018-07-03 Costs order in dismissed US copyright suit enforced by Quebec court Styles c. Pronman, 2018 QCCQ 3884 2018-07-03

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