Computer and Internet Updates for 2018-03-07

Computer and Internet Updates for 2018-03-06 2018-03-07 Computer and Internet Updates for 2018-03-06 2018-03-07 RT @neilturkewitz: @SyDamle A clear decision which, like Aereo, refuses to place form over function. “Aereo thus forecloses TV Polska’s arg… 2018-03-07 Website Blocking: The Devil's In The Details | FYIMusicNews 2018-03-07 Washington becomes first state to pass its own net neutrality bill 2018-03-07 Court confirms US copyright law applies to overseas content 2018-03-07 Our sovereignty depends on public-private cybercollaboration 2018-03-07 Canada’s banks collaborate to combat cyber risks 2018-03-07 Parliamentary Committee Recommends Substantial Revisions to PIPEDA 2018-03-07 The European Union Anti-Geoblocking Regulation Isn’t the End of…

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