Competition Commission proposes tough measures on motor insurers

On 1 August 2018, the Competition Commission called for final comments on its far-reaching Code of Conduct for Competition in the Automotive Industry. The code will materially impact a range of stakeholders, including motor insurers. This consultation is the last opportunity for stakeholders to comment before they decide whether or not to sign up to the code and be subject to extensive monitoring obligations. The deadline for comments on the code is 11 September 2018. Although the code primarily targets original equipment manufacturers, it also places material obligations on insurers. The code is voluntary in nature but, once a party becomes a signatory, it will impose binding obligations that can be relied upon by third parties (including service providers and consumers). Under the latest code, insurers must: fairly allocate work amongst service providers such as vehicle repairers; broaden the allocation of work to entities either owned or operated by historically…

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