Common Family Law Issues for Same Sex Couples

Same-sex couples are widely seen in today’s age. They often have the desire to get married, start a family, and live a happy, healthy life together. If you are in a same-sex relationship, you should make yourself familiar with some of the most common family law issues that you may face. This way, you will be better prepared to handle any challenge that may come your way. Adoption Unfortunately, if you are in an LGBT relationship and wish to adopt a child, you will have fewer options than heterosexual couples. While heterosexual couples can go through any adoption agency, you may come across some adoption agencies that do not allow you to adopt a child because of religious views. Custody One spouse in your relationship may decide to give birth to a child so that you can become parents. In this situation, the spouse who is the child’s biological parent automatically receives full parental rights. The non-biological parent, however, may not be granted parental…

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