Colorado Non-compete Law for Physicians Amended To Allow Continuing Treatment For Rare Disorders

Mark Wiletsky by Mark Wiletsky The Colorado legislature recently added a paragraph to the state statute that governs non-compete agreements to permit physicians to continue to treat patients with rare disorders without liability. Signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper on April 2, 2018, Senate Bill 18-082 allows physicians to disclose their continuing practice and new professional contact information to any patient with a rare disorder to whom the physician was providing consultation or treatment before termination of their relationship with the organization. Physician Non-competes Only Allow Damages Under Colorado Revised Statute 8-2-113, non-compete provisions in an employment, partnership, or corporate agreement with a physician that restrict the physician’s right to practice medicine when the agreement terminates is void and unenforceable. However, the law does permit such an agreement to require the physician to pay damages in an amount that is reasonably related to…

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