Co-Parenting: More Decisions As Kids Get Older

If parents separate when their children are young, hopefully by the time the children are teens, they have a level of cooperation that provides for smooth co-parenting decisions. And if the children are teens when the parents separate, it can add an extra challenge to establish workable grounds rules in both homes. Here are three categories of expenses and decisions for parents to tackle as the children get older. Extracurricular activities. How many different activities should a kid be allowed to pursue? How much time should a child devote to activities (esp. so as to avoid a negative impact on the child’s grades and health)? Does the activity have additional levels of time commitment and expense that the child and both parents need to agree on?Cell phones. At what age should a child be allowed to have a cell phone? Should its use be restricted as a discipline tool? Should its use be restricted in general? Are there the same ground rules at both…

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