CMA Launches Consultation Concerning Changes to its Jurisdiction over M&A in the Tech Sector

The UK government considers that transactions in the following sectors can raise national security concerns: 1. quantum technology; 2. computing hardware; and 3. the development or production of items for military or military and civilian use. In order to allow the UK’s Secretary of State to intervene in transactions in these sectors, the UK government has proposed amendments to the Enterprise Act 2002 that would expand the Competition & Markets Authority’s (“CMA”) jurisdiction to review transactions in these sectors from a competition perspective. More specifically, the jurisdictional thresholds for transactions in these sectors would be as follows: the target generates turnover in the UK of GBP 1 million (a reduction from GBP 70 million); OR a 25 per cent share of supply of goods or services in the UK (or a substantial part of it) is created or increased as a result of the transaction (i.e. the current test requiring an overlap between the…

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