Client Development: What Kind of Client Development Efforts Suit You Best?

I am posting this blog again specifically for the lawyers who have signed up for the Lateral Link Rainmaker Series. If you have signed up, I encourage you to discover their Top 5 Strengths before you participate in the program. Click on the link at the bottom of this post and check out the report on my Top 5 Strengths. I only wish I had known them when I first became a lawyer. I once met with a wonderful lawyer I was coaching who was upset. It seems her mentor/senior lawyer in her firm was giving her a hard time about not taking enough potential clients and referral sources to lunch. She told me she was uncomfortable doing that. I would have been also. One size clearly does not fit all. The lawyers I coached appreciated that they can approach client development in ways that will work best for them. You can also. The first step to becoming a rainmaker is to figure out what client development efforts you will enjoy and what efforts will work best for you. Years ago I…

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