Client Alert: New Harassment and Discrimination Laws Put Employers at Risk

The EEOC Files Seven Lawsuits Accusing Employers of Ignoring Legal Responsibilities makes it abundantly clear that the New Harassment and Discrimination Laws in NY and NJ are in Full Effect. Employers Must Act Now to Comply with the New Laws. Yesterday, June 14th, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced the filing of seven lawsuits that accuse a national trucking company, a restaurant franchisee and other employers of ignoring their legal responsibilities as their employees were being sexually harassed. These suits coincide with the EEOC reconvening its harassment task force. These legal actions come on the heels of the EEOC’s Select Task Force On Harassment meeting entitled “Trans­forming #MeToo Into Harassment-Free Workplaces.” Employers should understand that the legal environment on federal, state and even city levels are rapidly changing and that there will be no tolerance for workplace harassment that is permitted or…

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