Clicker Heroes maker compares new lawsuit from “patent troll” to extortion

Enlarge / This is a screen grab from the forthcoming Clicker Heroes 2. (credit: Playsaurus) Playsaurus, a small Los Angeles-based game studio that makes Clicker Heroes and the upcoming Clicker Heroes 2, has recently been threatened with a lawsuit if it doesn’t pay $35,000 for a patent licensing fee to cover a patent for “electronic tokens.” In a Thursday blog post, the CEO of Playsaurus wrote that the company that sent him the letter, GTX Corporation, is a “patent troll.” CEO Thomas Wolfley called GTX’s demands to avoid “costly litigation” over Playsaurus’ use of electronic “Rubies” in its games “meritless.” In a brief phone interview with Ars on Friday, Wolfley told Ars that receiving the demand letter was disconcerting. Read 12 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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