City will appeal reinstatement of police officer dismissed for improper use of force

The City of Duluth, Minnesota has declared its intention to seek to vacate an award of Arbitrator Mario Bognanno reinstating a City police officer who had been dismissed after an incident in which he was alleged to have dragged an uncooperative subject. The facts of the case were largely undisputed. The incident was recorded on several officers' body cameras. (At least one of the videos was publicly released after the award an is available at Video shows Duluth police officer dragging handcuffed man, slamming head into door)The officers had been dispatched to the scene on a report of trespassers near Duluth's skywalk system. Upon arrival, they met two apparently intoxicated individuals. After some interaction, grievant advised one of the subjects that he would be issued a ticket for trespassing. After some further interaction, the subject stated "I want to be arrested right … now." The subject was handcuffed and grievant and another officer began…

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