City of Baguio To Again Consider Distracted Walking Ordinance

By now, it should be clear to readers of this blog that I have a Google alert set up to notify me of proposed laws or ordinances related to bills restricting "distracted walking," a practice typically defined as walking while looking at a cell phone or other electronic device (almost always while walking across streets).Yesterday's notification brought me news from the City of Baguio in the Philippines. The City Council has calendared for second reading an ordinance that will restrict pedestrians from walking across streets while distracted. The Philippine News Agency reports:The city council here is hearing a proposed ordinance, authored by the Councilor Scout Official For a Day (SOFAD), that prohibits and regulates the use of mobile devices and other distractive devices while walking and crossing the streets and sidewalks to ensure public safety.“The said ordinance aims to prohibit pedestrian walkers (from using) any distract(ive) tools that could lead…

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