Choosing a Safe Caregiver for Your Elderly Parent

If you have an elderly parent who has mobility problems, is having trouble caring for themselves, or is suffering from a chronic condition, you may need additional care. This situation is difficult for entire families and while nursing homes are one option, they are not the only option. In some cases, an elderly loved one simply does not want to go to a nursing home. In other cases, a nursing home may not be required since a family member can provide care some of the time and only occasional nursing care or caregiving is needed. Many families are also concerned about the level of care in nursing homes or about he high costs involved. If you are considering working with a caregiver rather than having your loved one placed in a nursing home, there are several things you will want to do: Speak to your physician or another medical professional about the options. Your doctor may be able to recommend a number of solutions that don’t involve nursing homes. Your physician can…

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