Choose Your Expert Witnesses Carefully

Bill Mitchell, Seven-Day Detective, recently stressed the importance of having the necessary proof to win your court case.  He emphasized the importance of being able to actually prove your case when you get to court.  In any contested case, "time is of the essence and how you deal with your suspicions is absolutely critical."  His article reminds everyone that the Court realizes that the testimony of a party and his/her family is biased and that friends may not know how to obtain the most helpful evidence.  He also advises that you choose your experts carefully and carefully check their credentials.  You should read Mr. Mitchells article for more helpful information on this subject.

Source:  "Signs of Affair Never Win in Court! Get the Proof Instead!" by Bill Mitchell, posted at his Adultery, Infidelity, Affairs, Cheating Spouse, Divorce, Investigations blog.

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