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Los Angeles, CA – October 29, 2011 – Identity Theft Labs, found at, provides an easy and fast way for consumers to find the most suitable identity theft protection service for them. Through a website that clearly displays the various services and the companies that provide ways to stop ID theft, anyone can get a concrete idea on the best credit monitoring service that will work for them. With professional reviews and the best available rates provided on thesite, Identity Theft Labs makes selecting the ideal service significantly uncomplicated for every individual. shows the difference in each service made available today by various identity theft protection companies. It provides a user-friendly chart that features the different services that are designed to prevent identity theft. The details are appropriately laid out and are included in each company’s offering. Some of the services featured are:

* Fraud detection

* Database monitoring

* Black market scan

* Credit card monitoring

* 3 bureau credit monitoring

* 3 bureau credit reports

* 3 bureau credit scores

* Identity theft insurance

* Lost wages coverage

* Recovery services

Currently, Identity Theft Labs vouches for the services offered by LifeLock, TrustedID, Debix, IDWatchdog and Identity Guard. The recommendations stem from the company’s thorough assessments, which reveal that these companies have the capability and the resources to provide excellent defense against identity theft, value for one’s money, as well as the availability of insurance. Most of all, these commended firms have been proven to be effective in providing adequate protection for its members and subscribers.

Aside from providing valuable information about the different identity theft protection services, Identity Theft Labs likewise gives consumers and members a number of tools crucial in keeping themselves safe from potential attacks. One of these is the fraud alert tool that helps stop identity theft and alerts an individual that he may be at risk of becoming a victim. Another helpful tool is the credit report that consumers can request for free. Monitoring and reviewing one’s credit report can help in discovering any suspicious activity going on, and can subsequently help to stop it from being completely carried out by identity thieves, if they are indeed perpetrated by felons.

Run by a small team of individuals with comprehensive knowledge about identity theft, Identity Theft Labs reveals its findings in an unbiased manner and shares the details of its discoveries and in-depth research pertaining to the services it features on the site. The company likewise maintains a blog that details methods and relevant advice on credit protection and how people can protect themselves and their families from identity theft. By constantly monitoring dozens of identity protection plans, Identity Theft Labs can assure that the information and details it provides on its site are up to date, are highly pertinent and extremely useful for consumers when it comes to making the decision to pick the ideal service.

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