China at the Global Climate Action Summit

Governor Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit came to a close this past Friday in San Francisco. A large delegation of Chinese government officials, researchers, business leaders and civil society representatives were on hand for the proceedings. Xie Zhenhua, China’s special representative on climate change, reaffirmed China’s commitment to action on climate change. While Xie had no SB100 or ‘launching our own damn satellite’ moments at the Summit, he told reporters that most countries (China included) would not “backtrack or renegotiate” environmental targets set at Paris in 2015. His plenary remarks outlined what has over the last decade become an increasingly well-articulated climate change strategy for China. It’s worth hearing the official line on Chinese climate action. Here is a rough translation of some of Xie Zhenhua’s remarks at the plenary session on September 13th. Chairman Xi Jinping has emphasized many times,…

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