China amends trade mark and unfair competition law to tackle trade mark squatting and enforcement issues

Kat friend Yifeng She (Fangda Partners) has kindly and promptly provided an update on the latest amendments to the Chinese Trade Mark and Unfair Competition Law. Here's what Yifeng writes:In a whirlwind of legislative actions, China’s top legislators amended the Trade Mark and Unfair Competition Law on 23 April, 2019. Given that the last amendment to China’s trade mark law occurred in 2013 and the unfair competition law was amended just last year, the latest amendment is worthy of particular attention. Undoubtedly, it is part of China’s efforts to improve its IP regime, in the backdrop of the ongoing US-China trade war, which has involved strong accusations over China’s failure to prevent IP theft and infringement. This post is intended to comb through these latest changes. Unsurprisingly, these new changes were meant to fix the most acute, practical failures of the current system. Re-emphasis on…

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