Children are Most Vulnerable in Georgia ATV Accidents

Many people ride all-terrain vehicles in rural Georgia. Unfortunately, people often fail to treat these inherently dangerous vehicles with the respect they deserve while young people often ride them. Children are most vulnerable in Georgia ATV accidents. Fatal ATV accidents occur more often than many people realize. About 35,000 people are injured every year due to ATV accidents. More than 700 are killed annually, states Approximately a third of the people killed in ATV accidents each year are under 16 years old. This is a sad state of affairs. Many of these young lives could have been spared if proper safety advice was followed. Common causes of Georgia ATV accidents include drunk driving, too many people riding on a vehicle, ATVs tipping over on slopes, speeding, and using ATVs on paved roads. Kids at at risk in Georgia ATV accidents Many ATVs are not made for passengers. However, people often ride on the backs of them in rural areas, putting themselves and the driver…

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